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Facial exercises before bed and its benefits

 Facial exercises before bed and its benefits

We offer you the most prominent facial exercises before bed that can give you a beautiful appearance and fresh skin.

Facial exercises before bed and its benefits

In the following, we will learn about the most prominent exercises for the face before bed:

Facial exercises before bed: examples

There are many facial exercises that you can do before bed to get the benefit,

 Machines include:

Vowels exercise

The vowels exercise targets the muscles on the side of the lips and around the mouth. Follow these steps to do it:

Repeat the vowels starting with the letter 'a', then 'w', and finally the 'y'.

Make sure not to touch or show your teeth when chanting vowels.

Repeat the exercise for a quarter of an hour before bed.


The chinup exercise for the jaw works to tighten the muscles of the chin and face, follow the following steps to do the exercise:

Continue this movement until you feel a stretch right under your chin and in your jaw line.

forehead exercise

The forehead exercise helps reduce the appearance of lines on your forehead. Follow the following steps to exercise:

Using your fingers, press your forehead and move your eyebrows to strengthen this part of your face.

Pull your forehead with your index finger.

Place your index fingers above each eye.

Pull your eyes down and raise your eyebrows at the same time.

Repeat these movements ten times daily.

Lips age exercise

The lip squeezing exercise helps to enhance the strength of your lip muscles. Here are the correct steps to do this exercise:

Use your entire palm and place it on your face, pressing the bottom edges above your jaw line.

Push your lips together using your lip muscles, not your hands. Continue these movements for twenty seconds.

fish mouth exercise

The fish mouth exercise is an easy and wonderful exercise to tighten the cheekbones and activate the facial muscles. Follow the following steps to practice this exercise:

Push your cheeks firmly into your mouth and point your lips outward.

Hold your face in this position for thirty seconds.

Take a break and exhale.

head rotation exercise

The head rotation exercise reduces chin area fat, tightens the chin muscles and enhances facial blood circulation. Here are the steps for doing the head rotation:

Look straight ahead and close your eyes.

Tilt your head to the side, then slowly raise it until it's against the ceiling.

Tilt your head to the left and then slowly lower it.

Repeat these movements ten times a day before bed, focusing on starting from the right.

It is worth noting that these exercises are not considered strenuous and tiring, as you can perform any of them several times during the day and not just before bed.

Face exercises before bed: the most prominent benefits

There are many benefits to doing facial exercises before bed, here are some of them:

Reducing the appearance of thick scars: Facial exercises, such as movement and stretching, reduce the appearance of scars on the face.

Distribution of facial fat: Facial exercises help improve muscle tension in the face, thus contributing to the proper distribution of facial fat.

Increasing the freshness of the skin: Facial exercises work to tighten the muscles and reduce wrinkle lines, as the face looks younger.

Other benefits: The face includes nearly fifty muscles, and facial exercises work to strengthen them and relieve neck and eyes pain.

Tips to maintain the health and freshness of the face

After you have learned about the benefits

 and some examples of facial exercises before bed, here are some tips to maintain the health and freshness of the face in addition to doing facial exercises before bed:

Do exercise before bed: Do not eat anything 

right before bed and make sure to do some physical exercises, such as: running, dancing, swimming, jogging and climbing stairs.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep

 your face clean and free of toxins, and reduce your intake of soft and sugary drinks as much as possible.

Smile as often as you can: Smiling helps 

keep your muscles strong, reduces daily stress and thus makes you appear more relaxed.

Eat healthy meals: You should focus on 

eating foods rich in fiber, such as: fruits and vegetables, as they help in losing fat from your body and face as well.


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