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Exercises to remove the rumen and buttocks

 Exercises to remove the rumen and buttocks

fat accumulation

 Many people complain of the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and buttocks area; In women, the shape that is formed by the accumulation of these fats is called the pear-shaped or pear-shaped, while in men

 it is called the apple-shaped. The body needs special exercises to move the muscles of these areas in addition to the various muscles of the body to get rid of these fats, and these exercises need patience, stability and continuity to get the desired results.

Exercises to remove the rumen and buttocks

 Put your hands behind your head and contract your abdominal muscles, then raise and lower your head alternately, without slackening or slowing down, and continue to perform this exercise twenty

to thirty times a day during the first week, and in the second week you have to increase the number of times this exercise, you will feel some pain in the area Stomach and back This is a normal feeling because the muscles in these areas are not trained for exercise.

Put your hands behind your head and contract your abdominal muscles, then raise your head and take a deep breath and count to ten, then relax, and you can perform this exercise twenty times and then rest a little and repeat it again twenty times.

Lie on your back and extend your hands comfortably on the ground and fix them as well, then raise your feet straight up

 with the pelvic area, and repeat the process of raising your feet with the pelvic area up and down. You can repeat this exercise twenty times a day; It strengthens the muscles of the waist, back, stomach and thighs.

Bring a chair, put a comfortable pillow at the corner where the back meets the seat, and start the exercise by sitting on the chair; So that your back is tilted when sitting on the seat and your butt is on 

end of the chair, and your hands are on your chest. When standing from sitting, rely on the abdominal and back muscles, this increases their strength, and you can repeat this exercise ten times in the first week.

General Tips

The body cannot benefit from exercise unless it is accompanied by a healthy diet free of fat, and you should stay away from high-fat food and sweets saturated with calories, and focus on eating fruits 

and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables in abundance. Before starting to exercise, take a warm bath to help the muscles relax, and to stimulate blood circulation, then finish it with a cold bath.


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