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5 exercises to tone every inch of your body

5 bodyweight exercises in a week

A set of exercises and sports methods that burn excess amounts of fat in all areas of the body, in addition to increasing the strength of the muscles of the body.

Achieving a harmonious body is a goal that men pursue before women; Due to the increasing levels of obesity at large rates around the world.

Obesity is spread as a result of comfort factors and causes that increase the sagging of the body and muscles, in addition to the frequent consumption of fast food, overeating and lack of movement.

The process of tightening the body and its muscles can be defined as a set of exercises and sports methods that burn excess amounts of fat in all areas of the body, in addition to increasing the strength of flabby body muscles so that they become more coherent.

Causes of sagging body


Rapid and sudden weight loss

Excessive drinking of soft drinks, alcohol and smoking.

Excessive exposure to direct or indirect sunlight; Which contributes to the loss of elasticity of the skin.
Pregnancy and its effects on the body and skin after childbirth.

Old age and the accompanying sagging in the body and weakness in the muscles.

Body toning exercises in a week

Many doctors and nutritionists recommend daily exercise, which enables any person to maintain a fit body quickly, and the most important of these exercises

Warm-up and stretching exercises

The person stretches his body and elongates all his limbs, so that these exercises help prepare the muscles for other more intense movements, and prevent the occurrence of muscle tension.

Gentle jogging exercises

- Light jogging on a daily basis, which is called "jogging", contributes to the harmonious tightening of the muscles of the body.

Attention should be paid when jogging to wear appropriate and comfortable shoes that help to run for the largest possible amount of time.

Push-up exercises, known as push-ups

The person lies on his stomach with his hands on the ground.

The person raises his entire body while maintaining the same position and straight.


- works to tighten the body; When you start swimming, many muscles of the body move together at the same time and in a coordinated manner.

The exercise corrects the shape of the body and tightens the flabby muscles of the body.

rope skipping exercises

It is the best exercise and the fastest result.

This exercise helps to tighten the body and maintain a beautiful and attractive body.

It works to burn fat accumulated in various areas of the body.

Studies have shown that a 15-minute rope jump is equivalent to half an hour of playing soccer and 45 minutes of swimming.

- You must take into account standing straight, tightening the abdominal muscles, and relaxing the shoulder muscles before embarking on jumping.

General Tips

Drink plenty of water, at least 8 large glasses of water per day.

You should eat vegetables and green salads every day and during all meals.

- You should avoid eating sweets as much as possible and replace it with fresh natural fruits.

You should avoid eating meals rich in fat and calories.

The diet should be modified with a healthier diet.

- You should take a warm bath before exercising, and take a cold bath after completing the exercises, to stimulate blood circulation and achieve better results.


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