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Exercises to help ease menstruation

 Exercises to help ease menstruation

Some women may want to speed up the onset of their period with exercises, but are there exercises that help to get their period?

 Does exercise affect the menstrual cycle?

Exercises to help ease menstruation

Physical activity is good for women's health, as regular physical activity is associated with a lower risk of some chronic diseases for women, with a higher risk of developing them.

But are there exercises that help the descent of menstruation? 

Let's get to know the truth together with these exercises and the other most important information in the following:

Exercises to help menstruation: fact or myth?

The direct answer to the question of some women about the possibility of accelerating the onset of the menstrual

 cycle by exercising is that there are no guaranteed motivational methods that speed up or determine

 the date of the menstrual cycle, and thus exercise does not play a role in the early bleeding of the period.

It is worth noting that the duration of the menstrual cycle varies between women and not all women have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, so there may be a drop in the period a little earlier.

With all of what was previously mentioned, there may be some exercises that may help the menstrual cycle, which 

are light exercises that do not require great effort or increase pressure on the abdominal area.

As doing light exercises may relax the muscles and help the menstrual cycle, but there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of exercises during menstruation.

However, some women may notice bleeding during regular intense exercise or when exercising excessively. The reason for this is explained by:

Vigorous exercise causes changes in the menstrual cycle by causing changes in the levels of the hormones responsible for the menstrual cycle.

These changes cause random separation of the uterine lining at a random time.

The random detachment of the uterine lining causes intermenstrual bleeding

 Or spotting, which is the sudden bleeding outside the usual days of the menstrual cycle.

Spotting blood can often be distinguished from menstrual blood, as spotting blood is characterized by the following:

The color of the blood is bright or dark red.

The blood flow is lighter and less intense than the menstrual flow.

Bleeding during or immediately after exercise.

Best exercises to help menstruation

When deciding to exercise lightly before or during menstruation, the exercises that are commensurate with the strength 

of the body and can be tolerated should be chosen, and exercise for a period not exceeding 60 minutes, while avoiding

physical activity or choosing activities commensurate with the need and ability of the body. Heavy blood flow.

Among these exercises are the following:

1. Light aerobic exercise

Light cardia exercises are exercises that can be done at home during the menstrual cycle, and the speed and intensity of exercise can be controlled, such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

2. Yoga

Yoga is classified as a stretching and balance exercise that promotes muscle relaxation, reduces body spasms and pain, and reduces stress episodes.

3. Light strengthening exercises

It is among the strength exercises, but it is limited only to lifting light weights that do not cause any discomfort or pain in the muscles

 as it is necessary to avoid carrying heavy weights during the menstrual cycle.

The benefits of light exercise on the menstrual cycle

Exercising before or during your period brings a range of health benefits, including the following:

1. Reducing menstrual cramps

Regular light exercise, such as walking during or before menstruation, helps reduce the pain associated with menstruation, and also 

reduces the severity of PMS symptoms, which include cramps, lower abdominal pain, nausea, endometrial cramps and cramps, and general fatigue.

2. Mood improvement

A set of physical and chemical changes occur as a result of changes in hormone levels during menstruation that lead to

 the emergence of some negative feelings, and these feelings can be reduced by 

exercising, which increases the production of endorphins, the happiness hormone that reduces premenstrual anxiety and depression episodes.

3. Reduce episodes of fatigue

During the menstrual cycle, a group of hormonal changes occur that cause bouts of fatigue and stress that are linked to irregular menstruation, as exercise helps provide the body with energy.

These exercises include relaxation and meditation sessions, such as yoga, and sharing sessions, talking and listening with friends.

The danger of exercise on the menstrual cycle

After knowing the truth about exercises that help the menstrual cycle, we know that the danger of exercise occurs

 when exercising excessively or when practicing strenuous and prolonged exercises, as exercises may cause missed 

periods, absence, irregularity, or complete interruption of the menstrual cycle.

Female athletes who train hard and regularly, and women who engage in vigorous physical activity, often have irregular periods after a long break from exercise.

He likes to consult a specialist in case of experiencing any menstrual disorders.


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