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Exercises to get rid of rumen

 Exercises to get rid of rumen

 Bread basket Bread basket results from the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, and there are several reasons that lead to its appearance; Such as eating huge amounts of foods that contain

 oils and fats, or a frequent physiological condition and childbirth in women, lack of movement, or the presence of a genetic problem, and therefore the bread basket may cause severe embarrassment 

to breakage due to the unwanted shape, in addition to the lack of maneuverability in common, and in this article ways to induce the elimination of the breadbasket with exercise can be studied.

 rumen removal exercises

 Bicycle physical exercises Lying on the floor, moving the legs within the type of cycling. Do the exercise at a medium speed for thirty to sixty seconds. Take a fifteen-second break. Repeat the

 previous steps to create 3 rounds. Benefits of the exercise: This exercise is considered one of the excellent exercises for the abdomen, because it tightens the abdomen excellently. The arm extension

 exercise is one of the top 10 exercises to get rid of bread baskets and belly fat, and they are as follows: Lie on terra firma. We extend the hands back straight.

Lifting the body hurt the abdominal muscles.

 Repeat the movement fifteen to 25 times. Do three rounds, with a fifteen-second rest between rounds. Benefits of exercise: It is believed that it is among the exercises to tighten the upper abdomen, because it helps to divide the abdomen, and it also burns various calories.

Passing the ball from the hands to the feet changes the position of sitting on the ground. Hold the ball in your hand. Climbing to hurt the abdominal muscles, pass the ball from the hands to the legs, and continue this movement twenty times. Take a chance for 10 seconds, then make another ball.

 Exercise benefits:

 This exercise works the upper and lower abdominal muscles, builds them and divides them. Lift your leg with the ball Lie on the floor of Forma. Fixing the ball with the foot. Put the hands on the floor. Lift the lower body up. {we | We have a 10 minute walk | We tend to } repeat the movement ten times.

 Switch your legs and do the movement 10 more times.

 I take a twenty second break, then do two or three rounds. Benefits of the exercise: This exercise focuses on changing the abdomen from the lower side, as well as strengthening and inflating the lower muscles with one touch. It is also suggested to repeat this exercise twice a week.

 Leg raise exercise Lie perpendicular to the floor, place the hands next to the butt below, raise the legs ninety degrees, then raise them. Repeat this movement 10 to 25 times, then take a ten-second break. Do 3 sets with the benefits of this exercise: Target the lower abs.


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