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Do iron exercises burn fat

 Do iron exercises burn fat

Iron and fat burning exercises

 Iron exercises or weights are more effective exercises compared to aerobic exercises for building muscle that burn more calories at rest and more body fat, so building muscle is key to increasing the metabolism at rest.

How to burn iron exercises for fat

 The process of effectively burning iron exercises for fat in the body depends on three basic variables: the exercise used, its intensity, and volume, in addition to following the appropriate diet. after the training.

jThe phenomenon of increased oxygen consumption after exercise is a physiological phenomenon that increases the expenditure of calories after exercise, meaning that the body will continue to burn calories 

even after the exercise is completed, and if iron exercises are combined with frequent high-intensity exercise, the body’s natural oxygen requirements will increase Thus, a hormonal environment will be created in the body that increases the process of building muscle, and burning fat more.

Iron and cardio exercises

 The following points are mentioned to mention some tips that help increase the effectiveness of fat burning by combining iron exercises and cardio exercises:

Increasing the strength of the barbell exercise that is being practiced, by increasing the weight being lifted, while maintaining the number of repetitions from low to medium at a level between eight and twelve repetitions.

Combining iron exercises and continuous movement within a circular training program, or a similar anaerobic training program, in which stations are trained gradually, and at a relatively high intensity.

Doing aerobic exercises, or favorite cardio regularly, such as: jogging, cycling, and other exercises, and organizing the exercise schedule over six days a week so that it alternates with the exercise of iron exercises; To burn fat better.


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