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body stretching exercises

body stretching exercises

The truth about body stretching exercises

There are some claims that some exercises and techniques can make the body longer, and unfortunately there is no good evidence to support this, but the length of the body varies slightly 

during the day, due to pressure on the discs of the cartilage of the spine, and decompression, and therefore some exercises can increase the length temporarily , by a very small percentage, and there will be no real change in height.

Core muscle strengthening exercises

The basic muscles are the muscles in the trunk of the body, that is, the abdominal muscles, and the muscles along the spine, and these muscles are the muscles on which the body rests, and support the spine, which prevents pressure on it, and among these exercises are the following:

Plank exercise: The plank exercise is performed by tightening the abdominal muscles, then performing the push-up exercise.

The Superman exercise: The Superman exercise is performed by extending the legs and arms on the floor,

Abdominal crunch: Abdominal crunch is performed by stretching on the floor, bending the legs, making the feet on the ground, and raising the head and shoulders using the core muscles.

Attachment exercise

All gyms have a hanging bar, and all you have to do is grab it and hang on for twenty seconds; This is to allow gravity to pull the spine and increase the distance between the vertebrae, in addition to extending the arms and legs.

yoga exercise

 In the event that it is not possible to carry out basic muscle-strengthening exercises, yoga can be tried, as it is a sport that strengthens the muscles, and makes the body straight, which helps to stand straight and this means more height. The lack of background on the nature of these exercises can benefit from educational videos posted on the Internet. 


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