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Abdominal exercises after caesarean section

 Abdominal exercises after caesarean section

 There are many abdominal exercises that can be practiced after a cesarean delivery, but the woman must wait for four to six weeks before starting it, including: yoga exercises, exercise under

the pelvis, and in addition to exercising regularly, attention should be paid to losing weight by following a regimen. healthy food

Pelvic floor exercise

 It is a simple exercise that strengthens the muscles of the lower pelvis and tightens the abdomen, by lying on the back with the knees bent upwards and the feet on the ground, then taking a breath while pulling 

the navel inward, then exhaling while taking the navel outward. Repeat the exercise several times, while maintaining the stability of the rest of the body during the exercise

Core strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles

 These exercises can be practiced four to six months after the caesarean section, including: squatting exercises, superman exercises, and kneeling exercises on four sides so that the stomach muscles are 

opposite to gravity, then the intensity of the exercises is gradually increased, in addition to increasing the length of the exercise period in proportion to the body nature

Kegel exercise in a sitting position

The fascia - a layer of connective tissue - connects the abdominal muscles with the pelvic floor, and the Kegel exercise enhances its work to achieve the best results. It also strengthens the lower pelvis and regulates urine after childbirth. It can be practiced as follows: sitting on the edge 

of the seat with the feet fixed on the ground, and tightening the lower muscles The pelvis to become as if we are trying to prevent the flow of urine, while imagining trying to close and raise both the vaginal opening, the anus and the urine opening away from the chair, then continue in this

 position for more than five seconds, then take a breath and relax from the position. The exercise is repeated eight to twelve times with a two-minute break between each time, and it is repeated twice per day, and it can be practiced in different positions such as lying on the back or standing.


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