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Vaginismus treatment exercises

Vaginismus treatment exercises

What is vaginismus

Vaginismus is due to a state of pressure in the muscles of the vagina or spasm during intercourse, and it may also occur in the case of using tampons during the cycle, and the symptoms of vaginismus may 

be somewhat simple for some, but it may be very painful for others, some women experience spasm The vagina is exposed to certain situations and with any stress. Others have it only in cases of marital relationship only and it does not appear in any other circumstances, or some may develop it when they have to do gynecological examinations.

Vaginismus treatment exercises

The exercise begins by lying on the ground on the back and straightening the legs, and some people can use a cushion or two pillows if lying flat is tiring, then focus on the breathing pattern and make sure to

 expand the abdominal area and the rib cage, the muscles during breathing should be like opening a parachute during inhalation and in Exhale, then the muscles and abdomen return to their original position and state of rest.


To achieve the goal of this exercise, the breathing pattern must continue and focus on the pelvic floor area, this group of muscles takes the shape of a jewel and is located between each of the tailbone and pubic bone from front to back, and between the sitting bones from right to left, during inhalation, Focus on lowering the pelvic floor, and during exhalation, the pelvis raises again

 this movement is very important, and he may focus more on the tailbone because it is he who lowers to the ground on the inhale and rises from the ground during the exhalation, you can also do this exercise by sitting On a stationary chair, the chair can also be useful in providing the necessary support to give more sense to the pelvic floor during the exercise and the duration of this exercise is about two minutes.


This exercise is important to give light stretching and to improve movement in general in the pelvic floor. This decrease in the pelvic floor is an important way to relax and open the pelvic floor to stimulate body 

activities such as bowel movement, or during the activity of practicing marital relationship. To do this exercise, lie on the back or sit in a proper position on the fixed chair

A breathing pattern will be used for support. In this exercise, simple breathing and pressure are done as if you were trying to push softly, then exhaled and allowed the pelvic floor to return to a relaxed state.

Required, you can look at the picture below and do the exercise as it is in the picture, and the movement is repeated from 20 to 30 times, it is useful to practice the exercise from once to twice a day, beginning the exercise by sleeping on the floor, the right ankle is passed over the left knee

And pressing the right knee away from the body to get more stretch, the left foot is lifted off the ground and the knee is pulled close to the chest, this exercise is repeated on the other leg, and the extension is fixed for about 30 to 60 seconds and then it is repeated on each side for three times.

Baby Posture Exercise

Begin by kneeling and gently press your hips back toward your heels. Then fold your torso forward, arms over your head and breathe into the back of the rib cage and pelvic floor. You can use a pillow in the 

front fold of your hips or the back fold of your knees for extra support, or to change the feeling of stretching. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes.

Vaginismus home treatment

Make sure to eat whole, nutrient-packed organic food, and limit chemicals and pesticides, so the best choices are

For dessert the best is brown rice syrup, raw honey, and fruit sweeteners
For Beverages Water, fresh juice, coconut water, boiled herbs, juices

Add herbs and spices

Fruits and have different types such as especially berries, legumes, nuts and seeds such as chia seeds, soaked almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts.

Gluten-free grains such as rice, amaranth and millet.

A wide variety of vegetables.
Vaginal muscle relaxant treatment

Medical advice explains always seeking to tighten the pelvic floor, if the muscles of the vagina are tightened by practicing yoga.

Doing stretching exercises not only improves the flexibility of the vaginal muscles, but also supports the improvement of mental health.

When you start using vaginal dilators, you can choose the appropriate one according to each body. It may be difficult at first, but with getting used to it, it will become better.

Find a quiet place where you are not interrupted while doing the exercises.

Before using the vaginal dilator, a lubricant can be applied to the dilator with a water-based lubricant, this will help not to feel excessively tired.

You can insert the extender as often as it fits your stamina, once the extender is in place you should lie on the back 20-30 minutes.

The vaginal muscles may contract and push the dilator out, so having it in place by hand will help the treatment to be successful.

When the ability to position the expander comfortably without pain, the muscles will relax, at this point, move to the expander of the next size.


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