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How to drink green tea for weight loss: important details

 How to drink green tea for weight loss: important details

Can drinking green tea help you lose extra weight? What is the way to drink green tea to lose weight? Here are all the details.

How to drink green tea for weight loss: important details

Let's learn how to drink green tea to lose weight, in addition to some important information:

How to drink green tea for weight loss: details and recommendations

In front of you a handful of green tea or bags of fresh green tea? Read on to find out how to use it to lose weight:

Here are the details of how to drink green tea to lose weight:

1. Ingredients

green tea spoon

Cup water.

2. Method

Here is how to prepare green tea: 

A cup of water is heated, then a tablespoon of green tea is added to it.

Cover the cup, and set aside.

A cup of green tea is ready to be drunk after 1 - 3 minutes.

Best times to drink green tea

Someone may tell you that the best time to drink green tea while following the method of drinking green tea to lose weight is the morning period, while another person may advise you to drink it before bed, so read the following lines to know the truth about the best time to drink this type of tea:

1. In the morning

Drinking a cup of green tea regularly in the morning can help lose excess weight, but it is preferable to avoid green tea on an empty stomach, as the content of green tea from tannins and caffeine may stimulate the production of increased amounts of stomach acids, which may lead to the emergence of some disorders in the digestive tract, such as :



Stomach pain

peptic ulcer;

2. Between meals

To get the most out of the green tea formula, it is best to drink this tea between meals, specifically two hours before or after the main meals.

Drinking green tea at this time will ensure that your body has absorbed the nutrients needed for it from meals, and that green tea will not disturb this absorption process, as the content of green tea from some active ingredients, such as catechins, can reduce the body's ability to absorb certain nutrients. , Like:

Casein protein found in milk. And

The minerals iron and calcium.

Vitamin B1.

3. Before bed

Some may recommend drinking green tea right before bed at night, but this tea contains caffeine, so it can cause sleep disturbances if drunk right before bed, especially if the body is highly sensitive to caffeine.

Therefore, it is preferable to only drink green tea during the day, or make sure to drink it at least two hours before going to bed at night.

Recommended amount of green tea

It is believed that drinking 2-3 cups per day distributed over the hours of the day may be enough to obtain the desired effect and lose the extra kilos, but the appropriate amount may differ from one person to another depending on certain factors, most notably the degree of sensitivity of the body to the caffeine in green tea.

Important recommendations for drinking green tea

Before you start applying the method of drinking green tea to lose weight, here are some important recommendations:

It is not recommended to drink green tea with milk, as the fatty compounds in milk tend to bind to some of the active compounds in green tea, reducing the effectiveness of the tea.

A cup of lukewarm green tea can be heated up. Heating it a little may raise the levels of some of the active substances in it, so it may be a better idea to heat it up than to drink it cold if you just forget it.

It is preferable to prepare this tea from fresh green tea. The use of green tea that is more than 6 months old may reduce the benefit of a cup of green tea for slimming, as green tea may begin to lose some of its effective compounds after that period.

It is preferable to avoid drinking green tea during meals.

How can green tea help lose weight?

Green tea may help lose weight, especially from the abdominal area. This tea is rich in compounds that may reduce fat mass and may speed up the weight loss process, such as: caffeine, catechins, and these compounds and others may help achieve the desired weight loss through the following:

Accelerate the rate of metabolism.

Promote the oxidation of fats in the body.

Raising the body's endurance, which may enhance the body's ability to practice activities and sports efficiently.

Reducing levels of the hormone ghrelin, which may help curb appetite and reduce hunger. And

Resist some digestive disorders that may negatively affect weight loss and the ability to exercise, such as: gut infections, constipation, and bloating. And

Green tea can also help to keep some health problems associated with obesity and high body weight under control, such as: high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, so it is sometimes recommended to include green tea in the diet to reduce body mass index and to combat obesity.

Green tea side effects

After we discussed the method of drinking green tea to lose weight, we should note that drinking green tea in excessive quantities in particular may lead to certain complications, such as: 

High blood pressure, especially when more than 3 cups of this tea are consumed daily by people with high blood pressure.

Various disorders and problems in the digestive system, such as: acid reflux, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Raising blood fluid levels, especially when this tea is drunk by people with bleeding disorders or who are already taking blood thinners.

Other complications, such as: insomnia, stimulating the loss of greater amounts of calcium, and hypoglycemia.


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