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Bodybuilding and the right exercises

Bodybuilding and the right exercises

bodybuilding bodybuilding

A sport to lift heavy weights, increase muscle mass in the body and improve the shape of the muscles, which is fully reflected on the general appearance of the body, in addition to strengthening the ligaments

and joints in the body. The history of sport goes back to the foot, that is, since the time of the pharaohs and the Greeks;

 Where the ancient Greeks were training in the open areas, and the training areas were called the gymnasium in the Greek language, meaning the naked place, and this name is still given to the gyms to this day.

 The ancients lifted heavy weights to prepare themselves for the sports they practiced, such as wrestling, and not in order to increase muscle mass and improve their appearance.

 The Greek athlete Milo, a wrestler, was famous for having been carrying a large buffalo on his back and walking with it for a long distance to increase his muscular strength.

Beginning of bodybuilding

 The real beginning of the sport was in the middle of the nineteenth century in the year 1867 AD from the pioneer of British bodybuilding Eugene Sandow. Sandow was displaying his strong and attractive

 body to the enjoyment of viewers. People and their love for bodies with attractive muscle mass, and Sandhu took advantage of this to promote products bearing his name, and opened gyms to train those who want to reach the beauty of his body and strength of muscle mass.

Correct training methods

 dividing the training program into days with specific rest days; Where the exercises are divided into exercises for the feet and exercises for the hands and the back, and it is preferable to follow

a program set by the competent trainer with following his instructions with the weight he raises, and the number of times he must raise it without increasing or decreasing, so that the muscles are not damaged and the body is damaged, and problems of cracks and damage occur in the muscles, which Delays benefit, and may cause prolonged exercise disruption.

Tips to follow

 It is recommended to repeat only useful exercises and the correct exercises to gain strong and consistent muscle tissue, and the load must be increased gradually and not in an accelerated and unorganized 

manner, at the beginning of training for the first time, and the percentage of fat, muscle weight, and body weight must be measured so that there is a specific 

plan to walk it, The arm, chest, shoulder, abdomen, and thigh circumference should be measured, and the weights used should be recorded, and appropriate light sports clothing and sports shoes suitable for bodybuilding should be used.

Resting after exercises and resting the muscles are important things that the trainee must maintain; Since continuous muscle fatigue causes a lot of damage instead of benefits, and the trainee needs a lot of calories, and he must measure calories on a daily basis so as not to disturb the calories

 burned, which he eats from foods useful for the process of increasing muscle mass and highlighting muscles, and among the most Carbohydrates useful foods that the trainee needs greatly and abundantly to provide him with energy that helps him train, such as: potatoes, pasta, fruits, and rice. 


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