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Abdominal and buttock exercises

Abdominal and buttock exercises

buttocks workout

 This exercise is called Funky Chicken. This exercise works on slimming the abdomen and buttocks, and is carried out through:

Stand on the feet, making them spaced apart so that they are wider than the width of the pelvis and point outward.

 Put the hands behind the head.

 Perform a squat movement.

 Standing again, shifting the weight to the left leg, and raising the right leg to
side, so that the right knee touches the elbow of the right hand.

to return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise ten times, then switch to the right side and repeat the movement ten more times. Repeat the exercise every three times.

stomach exercise

 This exercise is called Lower-Tummy Firmer This exercise works to flatten the abdomen, and tighten the inner thigh muscles, and is carried out by:

Lie on your back, arms extended to the side of the torso, hands extended downward.

 Catch the ball by opening the legs at a 90-degree angle. Lower the ball toward the abdomen while exhaling.

Lift the ball with an inhale. Repeat raising and lowering the ball 12 times.

Leg raise exercise

 This exercise is called Leg Raise. This exercise works on slimming the hips, butt, and the inner and outer thighs, and is carried out through:

Lie on the side on the floor, and put the feet on top of each other.

Raise the upper leg at a 45-degree angle, then lower it. The exercise can be done while standing by raising the leg up, then slowly lowering it down.

 The exercise can be made difficult by carrying weights during its implementation.

Abdominal and buttocks exercise

 This exercise is called Serious Supermans. This exercise works on slimming the abdomen and buttocks, and is carried out through:

lying on the stomach,

 And put the legs directly behind the torso.

 Extend the arms forward.

 Lift the chest and legs up as much as possible.

Cross the ankles when rising, bending the arms and moving them back as far as possible. Stretch and return to the starting position.

 Repeat the exercise in three sets, each set consisting of 10-15 times. 


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