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🌸 Morning stretch open hips 🌸Flexibility training

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion available in a joint or the number of joints. It is also known as the ability of the body's joints to work over a wide range.

Flexibility is essential to mastering physical and motor performance and energy savings 

Importance of Flexibility and Elasticity
It facilitates the player’s acquisition of different motor skills
 It contributes to saving energy and reducing performance time
Help to show more smooth movement

It has an effective role in delaying the onset of fatigue and reducing the potential for muscle contraction
 Contribute to restoring healing
 It reduces muscle pain

Body flexibility exercises

Body flexibility exercises
 A person needs to have a good percentage of flexibility in his body; In order to help him perform many movements and activities well

 and smoothly, specifically for people who exercise, we will discuss in the following the most prominent exercises and exercises that help increase the flexibility of the body, including the following

feet fixation

 It is practiced by resting the right or left foot on something fixed on the wall, such as an edge, provided that it is not higher than the level of the buttocks, so that the leg is all on one straight line, forming a

 right angle, and then a small ball is caught, for example, by hand, so that the position of holding is horizontal and not vertical or Vertical, by extending the hand on one side, and then bending over the entire body and repeating the same steps, but using the other foot.

raise one foot

 This particular exercise requires a high level of ability to maintain the balance of the body. First, a piece of cloth is brought and held at

 both ends, and one foot is placed in the middle of it, and then raised up so that it forms a right angle with the other foot, and the same steps are repeated with the other foot. But the second time, take into account standing straight.

hand fixation

Here, the right or left hand is fixed on the wall, provided that the person looks at the wall, bring a piece of cloth and wrap it on the instep, and then fix the hand behind the back and use it to raise the cloth to the upper side; To increase the flexibility of the back muscle of the feet.

stand on two feet

 This exercise includes, as a first step, standing on the feet together, opening them a little while raising the hands to the upper side,

 holding a stick, and bending the trunk to the right side and then the left, taking into account that the feet are well fixed, knowing that it increases the flexibility of the pelvis and the sides in particular.

Sit on the ground

 Sitting on the ground and bending one foot inward, leaving the knee outward, with the other foot straight, and a piece of cloth can be used to hold it using the hands, and tighten it well; It helps to increase the flexibility of the feet in particular.

Put hands on the ground

 First, one of the hands is placed on the ground so that the opposite foot is placed next to it, for example, if the left hand is fixed, the

 right foot is placed next to it and vice versa, and with the second hand we hold the other foot but behind the back, taking into account that the back is straight and this increases the flexibility of the feet.


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