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How to get bigger arms fast effective exercises for beginners

How big are the hand muscles

Eat some protein foods

 Consuming adequate amounts of protein daily, and making sure to diversify in protein sources to obtain sufficient amounts of essential amino acids, as the amino acid leucine is especially important for

 muscle growth, and examples of protein sources are: poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, legumes, and seeds. , where it is recommended to eat (1.6-1.7) grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.[1] Complete carbohydrates With care to eat

Whole Carbohydrates

Such as: whole grains, oats, rice, bread, and avoid eating simple carbohydrates, such as: soft drinks, and sugar, as half the necessary calories are obtained from carbohydrates when performing strength training


 Fat produces a hormone that provides protein in the body, which makes the body use fat first for energy, and burn it before protein, and thus protein is preserved in the body and used to build muscle,

 so a sufficient amount of fat must be consumed to build muscle, so that the body does not have to burn protein to get On energy, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics clarified that (20-35%) of the

 daily calories needed come from fats, and no more than 10% of calories from saturated fats, and from sources of good fats: peanut butter, olive oil, And fish, and vegetable oils, butter, and animal fats are not good sources of fat.


Carrying weights Muscles can be exercised by carrying weights, either by carrying dumbbells, or a barbell, or using a machine (8-12) times in a row, making sure that the elbows are fixed on the sides,

 and portable weights can be reduced by the ability to keep them fixed, as there are The machines are a plate that keeps the arms stable to stay in the correct position.

 hand handle machine

 Hand grippers can be practiced using the hand grippers, a machine that strengthens the hands and forearms, and helps build strength to carry out daily activities, and is used by wrestlers with arms


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