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Exercises to achieve full flexibility of your body

Movement exercises are a mixture of stretching and flexibility exercises, and they improve many aspects of physical fitness, enhance control of the extremities, with more efficiency in the athletic performance of the exercises.

Squatting exercises: In these exercises, you try to put pressure on the thighs and stomach, by placing the feet firmly on the ground, while keeping the back straight, and standing in this position for 90 seconds with a repetition of 10: 15 times.

Iron exercises: a group of effective exercises that help enhance the flexibility and strength of the glutes and hips muscles, and are more effective exercises to remove belly fat, by lying on the ground with

 the knees and feet on the ground, raising the torso off the ground, and pressing the Glutes muscles and repeat 30 times.

Glutes muscle exercises: It is one of the most effective exercises in which you press the glutes muscles, so that you take a cat position, based on the arms and knees, and then raise one side from the ground, with 15 repetitions.

Stretching exercises on the sofa: It is one of the best exercises in flexibility and works to strengthen the glutes and knee muscles, in which you rest one leg on the ground with the other knee resting on

 the ground and raising the foot on the sofa, and stability in this position for a period of 3: 4 minutes.
Leg raise exercises on the table: It is an exercise that works to

 strengthen the muscles of the legs and thighs, in which you bend the knee at an angle of 90 degrees, then put one hand on the table and the other on the foot, and continue in this position for two minutes, with 15 repetitions.

Shoulder stretching exercises: In this exercise, you return the shoulders to the back, while stretching them as much as possible and continuing in this position for at least a minute. It is one of the

 exercises that helps to increase strength and flexibility, and improves the strength of the shoulder joints, while increasing the back muscles and relieving tension and pain.

Lateral leg raise exercises: In this exercise, you sleep on one side, while raising the leg that is not resting on it upwards at an angle of 45 degrees and continuing in this position for a minute, with repetition and alternating between the two sides for 20 times.


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