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50 Self Defense Techniques and Survival Tricks You Should Know #Now

Street self-defense

Learning self-defense People have begun to welcome the idea of ​​learning self-defense on the street, especially for girls who may need this skill to get rid of any aggressor, and in this article we will show

 you the basics of self-defense, to be able to defend yourself if someone objects to you The basic principles of self-defense will be explained, and this will not prevent you from joining a club to learn to fight professionally if that is your goal, but it does not hurt

 Quickly get the basics from this article.

  Self-defense in the street Before the fight, the opponent in the street will try to hit you in a sudden way while heedless of you, the element of surprise is important at the beginning of the fight, and

 often before the fighting, even a short dialogue occurs between the two parties, so you are surprised by a punch that drops you to the ground without paying attention, and the first reason for your failure

 is that you You were taken by surprise, and did not anticipate what happened, so you must stand with one foot forward and one foot behind in a ready manner, to fall back with your weight on the back

 foot if the opponent attacks you, and to gain speed of dodge, if he does not punch you you will just talk, but if Try to punch you will fall back lightly. Standing position to fight in case the opponent attacks you and avoid it as in the previous step, you must change your stance to defend,

 Put your palms in front of your face while you join your fingers, and be careful to put the thumb inside and the rest of the fingers against it, otherwise your fingers will break if you punched hard, the thumb will protect them from the inside. How to fall and get up You may

 fall as a result of a punch and the battle will end in your defeat, but if you can stand quickly, you will be rewarded and your opponent again, and if you fall, you must not hurt yourself, and remember to

 protect your head so that you receive the shock on your shoulders from behind and make the shoulders hit the ground but your head is not, and at the same time raise Your feet from the knee to face your

 opponent, your feet will be like a wall that keeps the opponent away from you, and at the same time you will be able to lower them quickly to benefit from the power of the reaction to rise on them again and quickly.

 Avoiding punches and addressing them The opponent will certainly try to punch you, then you must avoid it by making the position of your head unstable, and keep moving it left and right, and up and

 down as if he is in the warm-up period, and at the same time he hits punches, especially at the moment you avoid a punch The opponent, in order to benefit from the surprise, and you should know that this movement will need good training in order to succeed, so practice it

 with a friend of yours, as your mind needs to be trained to remember to do the movement when necessary, and the proportion of adrenaline in your blood. Attack Attack is the basis for winning in any fight, your opponent will not withdraw if you do not hurt him

 and make him feel that you are an opponent who had to think a lot before attacking him, now you have to learn to punch or kick,

 To learn this, you must learn about basic punches and kicks: Front Punch: This is a light punch made by the hand that is in the front, and its advantage is that it opens the opponent’s defenses, and makes

 him aggressive and wants you to attack, so it allows you to follow a chain of your punches. Cross Punch: This punch is stronger than the first, and with it you can end the fight, or you can drop your opponent to the ground, and its strength lies in the fact that it is a

 punch that does not depend on the movement of the hands only, but also depends on the movement of the torso or the waist, so it is the strongest in many cases.

hook punch: It is a very strong punch, and the important thing is that when you hit it, you will move your waist, so you will gain great power. roundhouse_kick: This kick is rich in definition, it is very

 powerful, and most trainers advise their trainees to practice and master it. Secret video of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wearing

 black and covering their faces and throwing stars as weapons, is this information about "ninjas" real or not? Watch the video to find out


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