How to get bigger arms fast

7 Strategies to Increase Arm Size

Learn how to quickly increase arm size with these quick and simple tips.

A large, strong upper body has always been the basis for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. From a broad chest to a pair of rounded shoulders, these muscle groups pave the way for fitness. Sure, abdominals are always a popular muscle to build — but how often do you walk around in your T-shirt

When you build your body, you have to be practical, and the strength comes from the arms. So let's dive into 7 arm size strategies.

Use blood flow restriction exercises

One technique that works great for the arms is blood flow restriction training. When you restrict blood flow to a muscle, you force blood to pool in the muscle — giving you an incredible pump.

When using blood flow restriction training, we don't allow blood to exit the veins. However, the arteries will continue to deliver blood to the muscles. It sounds like some kind of torture, but by blocking the muscles, you trick your body into using large, fast-twitch muscle fibers, which will lead to crazy growth. Another benefit of this type of training is that you will be using 50 percent of your normal weight. This type of training will allow your joints to recover while you strain your body and increase the size of your arms. Try a comprehensive set of triceps and biceps. Use knee rolls on the arms and tighten them. The wraps should be tight enough that they are uncomfortable but not overly painful. You will use a rope to press down on the triceps and do standing dumbbells for the biceps.

the exercise

triceps exercises 1 x 30 (comprehensive set with double dumbbell biceps)

Pie exercise with dumbbells 1 x 30
triceps exercises 1 x 15 (comprehensive set with biceps and dumbbells in pairs)
Pie exercise with dumbbells in pairs 1 x 15
Continue this until you have completed three sets of 15 reps, then pull up the tourniquet.

Increase the amount of training per week

It has been shown that size is directly related to muscle growth. This means that if you're doing eight sets of arms once a week and you're not getting results, you need to increase your volume. I recommend adding extra sets on another day of the week for the arms. I have found that training arms three times a week has been ideal for growth. The point is to make sure you turn up the volume slowly over time. Don't jump up to three days a week without slowly increasing the volume or else you risk injury.

Use all angles

The primary function of the biceps muscle is to raise the forearm toward the shoulders and rotate the wrist. The main function of the triceps muscle is to extend the entire elbow. These movements are simple but you want to make sure that you train your arms from all angles. With the biceps, you want to do the triceps on an incline and try to get a full stretch. Perform a pullup or high cable pulleys will hit your biceps from a higher angle. The same goes for the Tri. Performing an upper triceps extension will stimulate the heads of different muscles.

Max workout angle

Dumbbell biceps on the inclined bench 4 x 8-10
Parallel triceps with body weight 4 x 15-20
biceps bar exercises 4 x 6-8
tricep barbell narrow grip 4 x 6-8
triceps exercise high pulley 4 x 12
Ez-Bar 4 x 12 . Pie Workout

A large group

To stimulate arm growth, you will need to increase the total volume of arm training. An easy way to do this without spending three hours in the gym, is by replacing your biceps and triceps system. This will cause your arms to become engorged with blood, providing plenty of nutrients for them. When we do the triceps movement, we are fully extending the biceps muscle. When we do the curling movement, we stretch the triceps muscle; This creates a hostile effect that makes the training more effective.

Use the shock method

Your body doesn't like change - it doesn't want 20 inch arms and will fight you because carrying that much muscle is metabolically costly. For strength and growth in the arms, it's a good idea to throw in more intense routines into each exercise. Horrific methods designed to cause severe muscle overload. Super sets, drops, pyramids, rack runs and many more can be just what you need to grow your arms.

Enlargement of the arms by eating (eating like a machine)

Bottom line: If you want to get huge, you're going to have to eat like crazy. Eighty percent of the results you'll see in the mirror are based on eating habits. Make sure you shell out a ton of nutrient-dense food each day with high-quality protein sources. Keep track of how many calories you are consuming, and if you fail to gain at least half a pound per week, increase your daily calories by 200-300. In order to get a solid one inch on your arms, you need to gain 10 pounds of body weight. That much weight wouldn't happen if you were eating like a school girl.

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