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How to defend oneself against an aggressor

How to defend oneself against an aggressor

The best way to confront an assailant is to hit or scratch at their weak points, such as their eyes, nose, or between their feet. In addition, be

 sure to protect your head, stomach area, and between your feet from blows using your arms or anything around you. If you can, avoid confrontation by showing confidence or asking the person to back off or run away.

Dealing with the aggressor

Try to avoid verbal violence This way you will calm the aggressor, or at least give yourself time

enough to leave the place.[1]

Why don't we get away from each other?" or "You're making me feel threatened, so get away from me. I'm going to take out my phone and call the police!" or "Take it easy, there's no need for violence. I'm holding back."

Even if the aggressor raises his voice or says degrading things, do not engage him in a shouting fight. Remain calm and try to defuse the situation so you can leave.

Leave the place to evade the assailant if you have the opportunity. When someone gets too close to you, try to get away by taking cover in your car, walking into a store, or blending into a crowd. If you have a chance to escape a potential attack and escape without a fight, do so. Try tossing the bag or watch in one direction and 

then run in the opposite direction to escape.2]

If the abuser asks for your wallet, credit cards, jacket, or shoes, give them what they want. It's not worth losing your life just to hold on to some money!

Scream in the face of the aggressor to deter him from attacking you. In almost all cases the aggressor will look for victims who can easily and calmly subdue them, and the aggressor will also avoid most

 noisy situations that could attract others (or even the police) to the scene. If someone approaches you with the intention of attacking, shout out loud “Back off!” [3]

Keep yelling if he progresses further. Shout something like: "Get out of here!" or "Leave me alone!".

If you have a cell phone, you can pull it out and yell, "I'll call the police now if you don't back off!".

Stand on the defensive in case your assailant attacks you. If you can't escape or end the situation, start preparing yourself for a fight. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weak leg in front and outward. Focus your weight on the feet. Bend slightly so your center of gravity is low, and raise your hands to protect your 


This mode will make your fight difficult and will give you more control when you need to defend yourself. Keeping your body will prevent you from falling and will make it easier to maintain your balance during strikes

Show your confidence so that you are not an easy target. Robbers and other violent criminals try to target easy targets, i.e. people who are unaware of their surroundings and who can easily be ambushed.

 Instead of walking with your head down to look at your phone, stand up straight and walk briskly, lifting your shoulders and head. Avoid eye contact with anyone you feel might be following you, 

but look around so you are aware of your surroundings.[5]

If the abuser feels that you will be a difficult target, he will leave you.


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