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Warnings in self defense must be implemented immediately


Warnings in self defense must be implemented immediately

be cerfull. Mistakes result in injury, death, or harassment of your friend, so always ask for permission. When striking in real combat, use pressure points only when all other methods fail and there is a

 risk to your life (eg opponent has a knife or a gun). Hitting an old woman in the throat and killing her just because she slapped you

 wouldn't be considered "self-defense" by the court. Therefore, it is preferable to learn a martial art such as aikido rather than relying on pressure points.

Hit points should be visible when using them, but don't actually hit your partner or target them directly. Be by his side to reduce the

 chance of accidents. The back of the hand and the sternum are acceptable, but the head, groin, legs and feet are "red lines" and even experts are wrong.

Be careful not to let the opponent try to push you back in certain moves like sleeping. His hands and feet will be free and he can use

 them as weapons to pull you from the back. These methods are used in many martial arts.
Like taigusto (extreme hand speed).

Be wary of any "magic" tips for pressure points. Although it relies on rupture and its impact to earn its respect in the medical community, it

 is not effective or fast enough in combat. The main purpose of using pressure points is for immediate self-defense, and a simple anatomical fact that hitting someone on the arm in a certain way will not kill them.


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