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How to increase the size of the hips area through exercises

 How to increase the size of the hips area through exercises

The muscles that help control movement in and around the hip joints are complex, including the gluteus maximus, which is important in the hip area. Although these exercises will help increase the size of

 the hip, they will not change the structure of the bone itself. The growth of the pelvis and hip joints stops in your early twenties, and although exercises may change the size of your muscles, they must be practiced regularly for their effect to last.

Using exercise equipment to enlarge the hips

Do hip-width apart while standing. Hip-width apart while standing is the same as with sitting, except that you'll stand upright and add some resistance to the leg's outward movement. Stand and lean

 against a wall, handrail, or firm chair with your right hand. Put a dumbbell in your left hand and hold it over your left thigh. Bend your left foot and lift it away from the wall and then bring it back toward it, keeping your back straight. [8]

Do 5-10 repetitions of this exercise, depending on your progress. Switch and switch to the other side when all the reps are done on one side.

The weight of the weight depends on how comfortable you are in the moment. Start with a light weight and increase the weight over time as you work out.

An alternative to weight, a resistance band is basically a large rubber band designed for exercise purposes. Form the drawstring into a hip-width loop to use and insert your leg into the loop so that it surrounds your ankle. The band will act as resistance to movement as you pull your left leg out.

Try sumo or monster walk. This exercise requires a resistance band that is short enough to go around your legs and form resistance with your feet spread out. You can place the band around your legs at

 knee level (just above the actual knee joints), at ankle level, or around the insteps, whichever location is most comfortable for you at the moment. Spread your feet with the bandage so that there is enough resistance, then bend your knees slightly and extend your arms out in front of you. [9]

Keeping the band stretched, walk forward and backward, one foot apart to perform the monster gait.

To perform the sumo gait, keep the strap stretched and wiggles left and right.

Do 5 to 10 repetitions of this exercise (either way) depending on your progress.

Walk sideways on a treadmill. The treadmill should be set at a 3-5% incline and 3.2-4.8 km/h (very slow) for this exercise. Operate the machine while standing on the side plate (the non-moving part). If

 your right side is facing the front of the treadmill, place your right hand on the front support bar and your left hand on the left support bar. Step on the machine and start walking sideways. Again, if your right side is facing the front of the machine, you should step "forward" by crossing your left foot with your right. [10]

Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes on each side, taking a 30-second break about every minute.

Start this exercise at a very, very slow pace until you get used to this movement and you can increase the speed as you become more

 comfortable, but note that the speed is not the secret of this exercise but rather the movement, so continuing at a slow speed will be just as effective.

Do some kettlebell swings. You can use kettlebells if you have two, or you can find some at the gym to build up your hip muscles.

Keeping your arms and back straight, lift the kettlebell up and in front of you away from your body as if you were straightening your knees and hips. Doing this should swing the kettlebell.

Then switch from the kettlebell movement smoothly and bend your hips and knees again and return the kettlebell back to the floor.

Try other ideas to enlarge the hips

Do some yoga poses that involve opening the hips. The open hip poses in yoga are those that focus specifically on stretching the tight muscles of the hips, and all yoga poses can be considered of this type

 because yoga generally aims to improve the muscles of the hips, but there are some very special positions that target this area and help

 improve your range of motion and blood circulation and reduce Back pain. Exercises that focus specifically on the muscles in the hips will cause them to ache and stiffen, but these yoga poses relieve stiffness.

The following postures are recommended to help stretch the hip muscles:

Happy baby pose.

The position of the feet joined with the knees bent while lying down.

frog pose.

The "thread-through-the-needle" position.

Half pigeon and double pigeon pose.

camel position.

Hero position.

Stretch the hip muscles. The hip joint is a very stable, well-muscled joint with a wide range of motion. Activities that don't use your hip

 muscles properly (such as sitting at a desk all day) can cause them to tighten and ache. Hip stretches are a great way to relax the entire area, maintain good posture, and maintain a healthy spine.

There are several hip extension movements that you can perform to relax the whole area, as follows:

Stretching the hip flexors.

Hip rotation extension.

Stretch the inner thigh muscles.

Lengthening the posterior muscles of the hip.

Stretch the hamstring while standing.

Iliotibial ligament lengthening

Eat more protein and carbohydrates. It is preferable to enlarge the hips by increasing the muscles in that area. Muscles will increase due to the exercises you do to target that area. You need to eat

 carbohydrates to get the energy needed to maintain your exercise plan and to exercise it in the long term, and you should eat proteins that help build those muscles.

The average person should eat a good meal an hour or two before exercising and another good meal an hour or two after exercising.

 The meals will provide you with the carbs and protein you need to gain energy and build muscle, as long as the meals are balanced and nutritious.

Let's take an example of a good pre- or post-workout meal for women as follows: a handful of almonds, meat the size of a deck of playing cards, a handful of vegetables, and a handful of rice or other

 grains. An example of a man's meal will be larger according to his weight and height and is twice that of a woman.

You have to make sure you drink water during and after your workout to keep yourself properly hydrated.

Hire a personal trainer. You may want to hire a personal trainer if you are serious about getting your hips bigger and have enough savings.

Most personal trainers are licensed by one or more certification bodies (such as the Association of Arab Academics for Sports Sciences, the Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Federation of Sports Sciences, etc.).

Most personal trainers work through local gyms and health centers, which means you will need a membership for your trainer's workplace.

Many cities offer options for personal training through citywide recreational centers and programs.


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