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Reduce Breast Fat You don't need to jump without equipment

Reduce Breast Fat You don't need to jump without equipment

This is what came to the head of the annoying things about girls and in general they lack your sense of humor. If you want to get tougher and more enticing versions of it, you need to be a good holiday in this way.

Push Up To perform this exercise, the entire body must be lifted parallel to the floor and then slowly lowered toward the floor,

 repeating this 10 times. This exercise can be done with the legs straight or the knees on the floor (which is the most suitable position for beginners).

Bench Press In this exercise, dumbbells should be used to train the chest muscle. Lie on the ground or on a flat surface and raise the arms up and then pull them down as shown in the pictures. Repeat 10 times

The incline bench press The incline bench press is one of the best and most popular exercises to tighten the chest, as it targets the upper part of the chest muscle. In this exercise, lying on an inclined surface

 raised from the ground at an angle of 45 degrees, and the exercise is done similar to the previous exercise

Tricep dips exercise Although this exercise focuses mainly on training the triceps muscle for the arms, it also helps to strengthen the chest muscles and help in tightening the breast and lifting it up.

 To do this exercise, you will need any chair you have around the house. Sit on the chair straight and then support your hands by your

 side on the edges of the chair with your feet forward slightly. Pull your body from the chair down, making sure that your butt does not touch the floor, an

 then raise your body again. Repeat 10 times

Dumbbell flyes This exercise is one of the most important chest exercises and can be done while standing or lying on a flat surface with the help of dumbbells. To do the exercise, lie on the floor on an

 upper surface and raise your arms straight up while raising the dumbbells. Bring both arms to the floor with open arms until the elbows are at the same level as the shoulders, then return them to the starting

 position again. Repeat 10 times

The flutter exercise in a standing position, with your feet apart so that they are at shoulder level. Tilt the back forward with the knee slightly bent, then move your arms in the same way as the previous exercise. Repeat 10 times

Shoulder Press In this exercise, the dumbbells are carried so that the elbow with the arm makes a right angle, then spread your hands completely up as shown in the picture. Repeat 10 times.


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