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300PUSHUPS A DAY FOR 30 DAYS CHALLENGE Epic Body Transformation| Emad ...

300PUSHUPS A DAY FOR 30 DAYS CHALLENGE   Epic Body Transformation| Emad ..

Push-ups are an excellent aerobic exercise that helps build a higher body and increase physical fitness and strength of the physical structure.

When doing push-ups as needed, the person moves the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and stomach, moreover, because the muscles of the feet, and this improves the performance of the body as a whole.

The push-up has many patterns that beginners simply do, so go for patterns and advanced strategies that need a good shape.
Benefits of doing pushups daily
Benefits of pushups unit area as follows:

1. Maintain joint health
Push-ups increase the strength and resistance of the muscles adjacent to the shoulder joints. Shoulder joints and tendons are unit area loaded for proper association from the top of the arm bones to the shoulder bones.

It is important to extend the amount of times you do push-ups, as this helps extend muscle strength.

2. Increase muscle strength
There are unit different types of push-up exercises in order that each of those exercises affects the muscles in a very completely different

 way, because it has been found that active different types of push-up exercises have a strength to expand the strength of a person's higher muscles.

3. Maintaining the integrity of the center and arteries
It was found that there is a hyperbolic relationship between muscle strength that followed from exercise stress and protection from unhappy.

4. Increase balance
Push-ups facilitate the increase in the elasticity of the muscle fibers, and these fibers are the area of ​​​​the minute nerve unit and have a serious role in maintaining the balance of the physical structure.

When you do a push-up, the nerve fibers work nonstop to take care of balance and stop you from falling, in order that these fibers

 respond faster once you perform the exercise over and over again in order that the beginner feels higher balance while acting out the exercise.

Possible side effects of daily push-ups
One of the foremost necessary damages caused by disposing of daily push-ups is that the body's lack of response to this exercise, in order that the novice feels that he is unable to obtain the desired profit as

 before, and this happens due to the adaptation of the muscles to a rise in pressure Without stopping, and therefore it is advised to require rest and not to perform the exercise day in and day out. .
Also, performing the exercise incorrectly can lead to all of the following:

A muscle injury causes pain in the lower back or shoulders, and here you'll be able to exercise in a very completely different way, by lowering your knees down while doing so.

Feeling the pain of previous injuries, because pressing exercises causes nerve damage and is painful if the person has had a previous injury to the wrist. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor or therapist before performing this operation.

Some tips to try to push up properly
Watching some individuals to do this arm exercise causes you to desire it's strenuous, but it's really the other.

Here are some unit area tips for doing the push-up correctly, in order that you'll be able to perform the exercises with high fitness over time:

1. Avoid doing the exercise too quickly
It is necessary to try to push up with high repetitions, but it is even when necessary to try to exercise correctly and slowly.

2. Maintaining the integrity of the body
It is important to keep your feet, pelvis, neck and head directly connected at the same time that the body is moving down and up to perform the push-up, as well as the body must be unbroken straight.

3. Raise the hip distance slightly should be distributed
Weight on all elements of the body. Raising the hip slightly helps keep the body straight and distributes the load evenly. In order that the body includes a high resistance while performing the exercise.

4. Maintain the position of the hands
It has been found that the optimal position for doing the push-up is with the hands slightly wider than the shoulder and straight. This position additionally helps return the scale of stress and tension throughout the process.

5. Don't move your shoulders
It is not recommended to maneuver the shoulders while growing to take care of the integrity of the neck while this exercise is working, as well as the opposite can cause a feeling of double effort on the shoulder.


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